Global Hassock.

Ahhhh lazy Sundays! Well sort of lazy…. quickly writing this so I can attend a Pump class at the gym!!

Thought I would take a few quick pictures of some of my latest crafty creations!

A week or so ago I purchased the Surrur book from Bolt of Cloth - it is a ‘Make your own Marimekko’ book with lovely pictures and ideas from Marimekko designers of creations - including plenty of patterns and tutorials - MUST HAVE from Marimekko fans! 

I had planned to pick up the book when down in Christchurch this week, but couldn’t wait so had to send my father to the post office to send it north asap!

A love the ‘Global Hassock’ idea - a sort of cross between an old-school children’s toy/cushion/foot stool so was my first must-make!

Here is an image from the book…

I made a decision that making mine out of Marimekko fabric may be the end of my craft funds account, so used some fabric I had in my stash and here is my finished product….

I love it! 

It ended up being about 40 x 40cm - so a little bit too small for a footstool (guess I will have to make another!)

Here it is on the couch…

And on the floor…

And with it’s miniature friend…

Looks great and brilliant cushion for napping on the couch!

The mini-me will live on my desk as a ‘distraction’ tool…

So much fun to make and piece together!