Colour Me Happy - March

Ekkkk it’s the 31st of March and I have made it in without a minute to spare!

This months challenge for Colour Me There's (previously Li'l Magoolie) Colour Me There project was to get crafty with the colour green!

This month has been split between two weeks in my hometown of Christchurch spending some quality time with family and friends and the last two weeks have been spent starting my new job - so I decided to craft something a little different which did not require my sewing machine and would be a more portable project!

When I was flying into Christchurch I had a lovely view of the Canterbury Plains - such a great mix of greens and I love how ‘normal’ it looks compared to how Christchurch has been affected from the earthquakes.

So as soon as I touched ground I knew I needed to make something to keep me busy while in Christchurch, so head off to get thread, fabric and a embroidery hoop!

Using a image from Google Maps I made my own wee plan for a embroidery piece inspired by the plains….

So thousands and thousands of stitches, more hours then I would ever think it would take and about 60m of thread later, I have my finished work hanging on our wall in Auckland - a great way reminder to were we will always be from and relate to!