Yum! I found a lovely 'two vanilla cupcakes' recipe and they came out perfectly! Covered them with cream cheese icing and some white chocolate buttons!

Yum! I found a lovely 'two vanilla cupcakes' recipe and they came out perfectly! Covered them with cream cheese icing and some white chocolate buttons!


Lazy Sunday

Ah I have been enjoying a lazy relaxing day! Can never have too many of those!

Today has been spent catching up on some TV, spot of supermarket shopping and following the realtime twitter updates of the RMS Titanic!

I’m not much of a history buff - but it has been really interesting following the story of the Titanic as it is the 100-year anniversary of its sinking - check out TitanicRealTime on twitter, created by The History Press - it has been giving a perspective from the captain, crew, officers and passengers from the final engineer testing of the Titanic, through to the current stage of the Carpathia rescuing the passengers that were lucky enough to make it onto a lifeboat.

Right…. so that’s my History story for the year….

While following the tweets I got a little crafting in the Kitchen tonight. 

After watching Masterchef NZ’s Masterclass last night, we were craving risotto - so made a yummy spinach & mushroom risotto! 

And some yummy muffins for this weeks lunches!

Now I think an early night is best for a week of work, spending time with my Mum who is heading up to Auckland and no-doubt a spot of shopping (thank-you Mum in advance!)!



Oreo Cookies.

So I decided to make the Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I ended up just using my normal biscuit recipe and put the oreo cookie inside the cookie dough…. they are yum! Think I will try making again and using mini-oreo cookies… as it is a pretty extreme biscuit!

Ready to go in the oven!

Fresh out of the oven - found it take a little longer to bake - huge cookies!



Baking Options.


What shall I bake this week? The two options I have been provided with so far are….

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies - recipe can be found here


Nutella Cupcakes - recipe can be found here

What I am sure though… is that either option will lead to a heart attack. Hmmm… perhaps I should stick with vegetables… but where is the fun in that! Watch this space… (and those in my class - be prepared for either option!)


Gingerbread… Tick!

So had my first go at gingerbread for this year…. not too shabby! Decided just to stick with plain white icing - mainly to reduce mess… may go have a look at icing decorations this week for something a bit more ‘jazzy’! 

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Well Christmas is fast approaching (nearly time to start an advent calendar!) and one of the ways I have got into the christmas spirit over the past few years is through gingerbread! I love making gingerbread people, and with christmas cutters I purchased last year, I really went to town.

Here are some images of last years attempts: (I do have an ‘uber cute’ photo of my sister Lucy… but think she would hunt me down if I upload it online! - please also note that she is the one who covered the gingerbread man in pebbles… I like to take the more uniform approach!)

So this Sunday 4th of December, my gingerbread operation will be in full swing… so hit me up if you want a little man!

I am really tempted to do a gingerbread house… here is one that my good friend Andrea and I did a few years ago… yes… major sugar-high of icing!

But I have been looking online at a few other options…

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