Ahhh I decided to make the most of my Friday afternoon off work and dig out the sewing machine and whip up some new cushions for our bed!

We purchased the Citta Design Chiya duvet cover set with the matching euro cushions the other week - and we love it! Great quality and it is super comfy… think I may of managed to convince Guy that we should buy a new Citta duvet each season release :)

Here is their stunning photo of it:

(I wish our room looked as tidy at the moment!)

So we ended up getting the matching euro cushion covers instead of the Megura euro covers - so when my darling mother got me a Megura tea towel - I decided to get crafty!

Using the tea towel and some white drill cotton fabric, I made the most of my new invisible zipper foot to whip up some cushions!

And the finished product…..

To be honest…. I think they look great! And they look fantastic on our bed (will upload some pictures when I get the chance for some daylight!)! I have been sewing invisible zips using a normal zipper foot, so the new foot makes it a lot easier and gives a really clean final result! I definitely advise to use feather-inner cushions - gives a great plump look and very comfy to snuggle into!

Total cost of the two cushions:

- Citta Design Megura tea towel $11.50

- White Cotton Drill Fabric $2.5

- Invisible Zips $10

Great bargain! 



Colour Me Happy - January

Over at Li’l Magoolie there is a little bit of colour being spread around.

Maddie has come up with a great idea of selecting a colour each month which then, if you wish to partipate, has to be featured in the required room!

The 'Colour Me Happy' project encourages adding a little bit of colour to your room and to step away from perhaps your normal colour palette.

I love a bit of colour in the home and love how simple items - pillows, decorative objects, artwork, photo frames, painted furniture can really draw the eye in and transform how a room is seen.

So this month….

Add something yellow to your bedroom - tick!

I have got into the swing of making plenty of pillows for us to take on our move to Auckland - as I can buy the inners once there, so they will take up very little of my precious car space - so thought I would make some fun bright yellow cushions while I was at it!

I made two new yellow cushions with one of my favourite Alexander Henry fabrics and also two oblong cushions with a Kokka fabric, backed in an organic cotton.

Love the two together - now the next thing is buying a grey duvet colour, as bright colour doesn’t look quite as good on fawn!

Bear in mind that this is Guy and I’s temporary bedroom at my parents place, my lovely sister gave it up for us when we became earthquake refugees in February. The green walls and blue ceiling had plans of being repainted last year - but now it isn’t quite worth it when the house is potentially going to be demolished!

I made the yellow cushions with a super easy envelope back, while I used invisible zips for the purple oblongs.

Only a few more weeks in the green room until we move to the big smoke!


Citta Design.

Citta Design is a homeware and accessories design house based in Auckland, NZ and I love their current Mexican range

"through the theme of global inspiration, the designers draw from an enormous cultural palette creating vibrant and expressive ranges"

I love the bright colours and their vast skills in styling!

For christmas, I was luckily enough to be given a few cushions… so make sure you come to Ellerslie International Flower Show to see how they are featured!